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Want Your Own Book Club?

With our world becoming more virtual each day,

the importance of being able to connect as a community is critical

What better way to do this than over an interactive book discussion!

  • Why not add a breakout session to your event program?

  • Let's design internal events so your team feels engaged and close to one another across the chasm of the internet.

  • Foster dialogue with your coworkers or event participants over poignant themes.

  • How about a different sort of happy hour or interactive experience to target more of your participants?

There are myriad possibilities that I would love to explore and tailor for you. No subject is off limits!

Whether you already have a topic or book in mind, or are open to my suggestions,

let me be your "Book DJ" and find the perfect hit.

From there, I will create and facilitate the experience for your participants. 

Pre, during or post event; select your engagement level.


I will take on the voice of your organization.

Let's create these conversations and stimulate cohesiveness.

Email to begin this fantastic adventure together. 


PS You know what's also fun?

When we can once more meet face to face,

these discussions will translate into that environment seamlessly!

Virtual, face to face, or hybrid: the future of events is a changing landscape.

But good news, there's a story for every new horizon. 

Let's discover these tales together! 

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